10 Tips for Motivating Your Team


Despite the fact that I’m Australian and sport is a national pastime, I’m actually not that into sport. However, since living in the UK (with a mad sports fan), I have started to appreciate the game of football (or soccer as I call it). In particular I found myself being drawn into the World Cup semi-final match between Germany and Brazil. Whilst I don’t know all the rules, I couldn’t help but admire the skill and team work of Germany as they kicked five goals to nil in the first half.

Then I started wondering how the Brazil team were feeling about being annihilated on their home turf and what their coach would be saying to them at the half time break. This is yet another example of when effective communication is so important to motivate your team to strive for victory.

Do you lead a team either at work or in your personal life? Here are 10 tips for motivating your team during a team meeting:

1. Prepare what you are going to say so that you will feel, look and sound confident
2. Be authentic and enthusiastic
3. Think about the individuals in your team (the first step is always to know your audience) and what motivates them so that you can tailor your presentation or conversation to really connect with them.
4. Keep your message simple and concise; clearly articulate your aims and objectives
5. Engage their emotions by using vivid language that will help them to visualise what you’re aiming to achieve
6. Help them to imagine how it will feel to accomplish the goal
7. Let them know you believe in them and their ability
8. Remain supportive and positive to inspire them to be their best; encourage them to stretch themselves
9. Recognise, reflect on and celebrate accomplishments
10. Help them connect with the reasons behind what you are aiming to achieve and what part they will play

In order to motivate others, you have to be motivated yourself! Lead by example and share your enthusiasm, determination and passion. Your team will pick up on it and be motivated to support you and each other in achieving the desired outcome.

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